On Thursday, August 4th, 2011, we held our third garden party...

...in the old orchard at The Brick House. While foreboding dark clouds and intermittent showers were the hallmark of the day along most of the Midcoast, the sun shone and conditions were dry for the afternoon’s event.

Our honorees and keynote speaker were all amazing, it was a great afternoon. If you attended, this page could help you remember (and share, just forward a link to friends who might like to see) the day. If you were unable to attend, this page shares the highlights and a bit of the buzz with you!

There are video clips below for much of our program (you'll find links underneath certain photos)...

A lively group of over 200 people gathered for our 2011 Garden Party!
Leah Sprague
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Frances Perkins Center Board Chair, Leah Sprague welcomed us to the garden, shared a few initial thoughts and then passed the baton to...

Christopher Breiseth
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Frances Perkins Center Board member Christopher Breiseth, President Emeritus of the Franklin and Roosevelt Institute, who served as our master of ceremonies for this year's Garden Party, introduced our keynote speaker...

Adam Cohen
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Adam Cohen, former New York Times editorial writer and author of the introduction to the recent edition of Frances Perkins’ best-selling biography of FDR, The Roosevelt I Knew, gave us a lively and informative keynote address .   Cohen had done extensive research on the life of Frances Perkins in connection with his book, Nothing to Fear: FDR’s Inner Circle and the Hundred Days that Created Modern America .   Frances Perkins, said Cohen, was one of Roosevelt’s advisers to leave the greatest mark on his Presidency.   As a condition of accepting a Cabinet post, she had obtained the President’s commitment to her ambitious agenda, a major unemployment relief program, large-scale public works, worker protections including minimum wage and maximum hours laws and an end to child labor, much of which was accomplished in Roosevelt’s first hundred days in office.

Board members Sarah Peskin and Betty Wilson filled us in...
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It has truly been an off the charts year already, as Betty and Sarah reminded us. To see their complete compiled and colated list of Frances Perkins Center accomplishments in 2011, click here to go to a downloadable document.

Hilary Doe got us thinking big!
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Hilary Doe, Executive Director of the Roosevelt Institute’s Campus Network, representing the millennial generation, received the Center’s Open Door award.

Peter Crockett showed us how it's done!
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Peter Crockett, Executive Director of the Maine Labor Group on Health and President of the Central Maine Labor Council, received the Center's Steadfast Award.

Ellen Bravo inspired us!
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Ellen Bravo, former national director of Nine to Five, the National Association of Working Women, and Executive Director of Family Values @ Work, was presented the Center’s Courage and Intelligence Award

Then Chris Breiseth asked us!
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Christopher Breiseth gives us a great pitch for support at the end of a great program. In order to carry out our ambitious agenda for the future, we need you. Chris said that perhaps you need us too, as we work to uphold and extend Frances Perkins's vision for an economically secure and socially just America. We can only do so with your generous support!

Guests of all ages and sizes were with us!

The Frances Perkins Center thanks our 2011 Garden Party sponsors for their very kind and enormous generosity!
Yellow Front Grocery, Rising Tide Community Market, Hannaford Supermarket, Damariscotta River Grill, Newcastle Publick House, Weatherbird Trading Company, Treats, The First Bancorp, Newcastle Inn, Maine Coast Book Shop, Salt Bay Framers, and Neil Rolde


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